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How You Can Make Money And Build Your Business With The SFI Wholesale Program

Have you taken a look at SFI's Wholesale Program?

If not, you should.

The SFI wholsale program is just one of many ways to make money with SFI. As a SFI affiliate, you can purchase SFI products wholesale and offer them to your customers, resulting in HUGE profits for your business, help you build more leaders in your SFI team, and enable you to build a strong base of loyal customers!


First, the SFI Wholesale Program provides a great way to expand your business' offline reach (and your sales) in interesting and almost limitless ways. Trade shows, flea markets, garage sales, business fairs, home parties; just about any public gathering can easily turn into a lucrative and relatively inexpensive venue for your business, stocked with items from the SFI Wholesale Program. You can even create sample packs from your wholesale purchases to offer to local businesses and shops, enticing them to buy.

PLUS, the SFI Wholesale Program, which includes Veriuni Nutritionals, Natural Cleaners, and more ( can help grow your SFI team by presenting an easier alternative for many of your incoming SFI affiliates who:

  • Have little to no experience in Internet marketing,
  • Are uncomfortable or inexperienced using the Internet and/or the computer,
  • Want to gain MIQ status through selling products,
  • Are frustrated with failed online marketing attempts and lackluster Internet marketing results.

Wholesaling truly opens up the field for your entire team, while helping you tap into a wide offline audience. And best of all YOU are in control of your profit margin, the presentation to your customers, and the retail price you set...all while generating substantial SVP! Your SFI team members who purchase wholesale will also generate significant Commissionable Volume for you.

Here's an example of how the SFI Wholesale Program could work for you:

Let's say you purchase a case (12 bottles) of Veriuni Liquid Nutrition for $167.40 ($48 in commissionable volume), plus shipping and handling. You'll immediately earn 120 SVP for the month, easily making you MIQ (or even PTL!).

Now, just one bottle of the Liquid Nutrition sells at SFI for $29.95 retail. For 12 bottles, that's a gross profit of $192 ($29.95 * 12 = $359.40 - $167.40)! Let's say you charge $35 a bottle. You've now got a gross profit of $252.60!

True, you (or your SFI affiliates) must purchase the wholesale products to begin with to stock your offline inventory. But, in the example above, you've recouped that initial investment, gained a hefty profit, and began establishing a lasting relationship with your customers!

Remember, with wholesaling, YOU set the price at retail and YOU decide what your profits will be. Finding the ideal price--you don't want to charge too much or too little-- may take a little finessing and experimenting...but the potential for significant income is very much there; you just need to take advantage of it.

To take advantage of SFI's Wholesale Program, join as a free affiliate today.

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