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What Is A Squeeze Page


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By Jamie Clarkson

A "squeeze page" is a page on a website that compels people to enter their name and email address in order to get to another page where they will find information that could be helpful to them. Often the squeeze page will lead to a product or service for sale, but sometimes there will be free information as well. The main purpose of the squeeze page is to "capture" the email addresses of the visitors so that the person who owns the page can send emails to them, typically in hopes of selling them something. Squeeze pages are extremely useful because, even if the owner doesn't make a sale right away, he or she can market or "backsell" to the subscriber down the road. In fact, squeeze pages are so powerful that internet millionaires are saying that if they lost everything, they would start over with a squeeze page, in order to build a list and go from there. Some people like squeeze pages because they do not even have to own a website, just a domain with the squeeze pages, and visitors can be sent from there directly to the affiliate product or service the marketer is promoting.

In order to capture email addresses, the squeeze page needs to have a form built into it that can be purchased via either a one-time fee or a monthly fee from one of the many newsletter/autoresponder companies. This form can be modified in order to ask for the subscriber's name, email address and other information, although usually the squeeze page will only ask for the first name and "primary" email address.

Typically, there is an autoresponder attached to a squeeze page, which means that when a person enters in his or her email address, he or she will automatically receive an email from the subscription site/squeeze-page owner. Generally, the first email will be a confirmation message, followed by a series of emails providing information, such as a multi-day course, as well as sales pitches for products and services.

Parts of a Squeeze Page

The length of a squeeze page is one of its parts that can be split-tested in order to determine its conversion rate. The basic components of a squeeze page are:

-- Header graphic - some say yes, some say no, but testing is important
-- Headline - make this eye-catching, and test!
-- Audio/video - use this to tell people who you are and why you are an authority
-- Offer - keep it short but packing a punch; use bullet-point lists
-- Form/box with "call to action" language - telling the visitor what to do next
-- Privacy statement - you must tell the visitors that their email addresses are safe with you

The hottest thing in squeeze pages today is video. Audio was discovered to be very effective in upping the conversion rates, but video has been found to be even more powerful. Essentially, your squeeze-page video is a "mini-informercial" at a fraction of the cost.

About the Author: Jamie Clarkson has been online since 1995. For more information about Squeeze Pages, you can go to


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