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These are articles written for those who have their own website. These articles include tips on designing, maintaining, and promoting websites.

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How To Make Your Link Exchange Campaign Work For The Success Of Your Web Site
In my quest for personally gaining high quality links to 71 web sites, I have found that there is a vast amount of incorrect information out there and numerous mis-informed webmasters.

An Explanation Of Google PageRank TechnologyFor Newbie's
If your new to the SEO world and have no idea what all of this talk about the Google PageRank Technology is (aka--PageRank, Google PR, PR), it's time for you to catch up!

Creating a marketing plan need not be scary or difficult. It does not require a marketing degree or a lot of experience. You do, however, need to put some quality time into your plan. Building your plan is a five step process.

Essentials Of Word Of Mouth Marketing
What's the least expensive, yet at the same time, the most credible form of advertising? Yes, it's word of mouth. Every business, either knowingly or unknowingly, generates word of mouth that is either positive-which helps build their business-or negative-which hurts it.

Learn to Become a Search Engine Expert Using Forums
As a website owner, getting your site listed and placing well in the search engines can turn into a full time job. Search engine optimization is the process of altering your site so it appears in the top listings of the major search engines.

How to Get Search Engine Traffic
Of all the traffic my Websites have generated the past few years (literally millions of visitors) ONE traffic source stands head and shoulders above the rest: Search Engine Traffic. Specifically, traffic from and leaders in finding things on the Web.

Marketing Your Internet Business
Marketing is such an integral part of business that without it, your business is dead before it starts. Everyone knows that the merchant who sits in his store and waits for customers to walk through his door is doomed...

Six Models of Success On the Internet
If you want to build something...first find a model! During the past week, I have spent a large amount of time studying successful web sites and finding out what it is that is separating them from all of the run of the mill web sites which are just there.

Today's Definition of Marketing. Has it Changed?
With the continued proliferation of the Internet, the meaning of the word "marketing" also proliferates. There seem to be as many definitions of marketing as there are marketers.

Increase Web site Visibility
During the search engine optimization process, the visibility to your web site should also experience an increase in publicity as you are ready to show your web site off to the world so that you can begin to sell your products and services!

7 Little Or NO Money Strategies
For Building Traffic To Your Website

Every Website has ONE thing in common: to be successful, they must have traffic. No Traffic will equal NO sales no matter how well done your site is or how high your closing rate is.

10 Killer Ways To Multiply Your Sales
Would you like to multiply your web site sales? Or course you would, who wouldn't? :) Then take a close look at the following 10 killer ways to multiply your sales...

10 Quick Traffic Building Tips For Any Web Site
The question most often asked on the Internet is, "How do I get more traffic to my site?" You would think that an answer for this question would be extremely simple, but it really isn't. It isn't that it is so hard to get traffic to web sites.

The Ten Top Ways to Attract Buyers, not Just Visitors to your Web Site
Have you put a lot of effort, time, and money into your site and are frustrated with low sales? If you are like many professionals out there, you know your subject, you are excellent at your craft. You have a great service and maybe a great product to sell.

How Can My Design Affect My Search Engine Rankings?
Directory editors will actually review your site and be critical of issues that you might not be. Spiders must easily be able to navigate through your site to be able to index all of your pages.

It's 3 AM Do You Know What Your Website's Doing?
It's 3AM do you know if your website is up? What's that you say, Of course it is?" Everyone knows the Web is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Right? Wrong!!!

Top Ten Reasons to Market Your Business Online
If you are like me, and love your business, you certainly want to grow it to be as successful as possible. Whatever product or service you offer, wouldn't you be willing to nurture it through the number one way to market--the Internet? Especially if you realized all the benefits?

Pop-Up's To Profits... A Simple Technique EXPOSED!
What I'm about to explain to you will change to way you do your online marketing Today, Tomorrow and Years to come with little effort on your part. This simple but effective technique involves the use of Pop-Up's on your website,..

Are You SURE Your Link Partners Still Link to You?
It's a fact. While most link partners are scrupulously honest a few are little more than link scam artists. They'll take a link from you to them. Put up your link back. But then when you're not looking take yours down.

7 Powerful Ways to Get One-Way Inbound Links
It's no secret that having links pointing to your website is very good for search engine rankings, and gives more ways for human visitors to find your website. So, how do you get one-way inbound links to your website? Well, there are numerous ways, and I am going to focus on seven of the most effective techniques.

The Definition of Power Linking: Case Study
Many people who read about Power Linking all over the web think "That's great, but what IS Power Linking?" Today you get to SEE what Power Linking is, in action! 1) Go to Google and type "jack humphrey marketing" in the search box. THAT'S Power Linking.

Converting More Free Downloads to Paid Customers
Do you give web site visitors the opportunity to download a free trial of your product or service with the intention that they will come back and purchase? How are you following up with these visitors?

Get Website Visitors From Blogs
Blogs are becoming more and more popular. The word "blog" is short for web log. And blogs are a great way of getting links in to your website. For instance, if you have a website about Internet marketing, you could search Google for "Internet Marketing Blogs"

Marketing your Home Business through Newsletters
Newsletters are a wonderful way to market your business when on a budget. You can opt to write them yourself or hire a writer to do the job for you. Newsletters do not have to be long and involved.

Six techniques to triple your website hits
Over the past five years I have learnt many tricks to gain visitors. Many are great and some are negative, even getting me excluded from major search engines.

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