The work at home blues came upon me very suddenly. Every day, I had been
working on my business. I was working on my website, promoting my business, reading about new advertising techniques, and searching for new people to join my team. But one day, as I sat in front of my computer, I decided that I would take the day off. The next day, I also convinced myself to take the day off. The third day, as I was trying to talk myself into taking the day off, I realized that I had a problem.
I had the work at home blues.

I should have seen it coming. I was putting off things that needed to be done. I started finding faults with the opportunity I was working. I was complaining to myself about the amount of money I was actually making, doing what I was doing. I even had thoughts about quitting all together. So, I decided to do some soul searching to see what was going on.

It turns out that I really didn’t want to quit. I was on the verge of burn out and because of it; I got really down about this whole working at home thing. As a result, I developed a course of action to keep this from happening again.

First off, I refocused on why I started working at home in the first place. I rewrote my goals and dreams and placed them in a spot that I would see them first thing everyday.

Next, I set a plan of action where I planned out the time I would spend each day on my business. I also made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish each week.
I set the hours that I wanted to work and began accomplishing the goals I wanted to meet.

Finally, I started back at the beginning. I revisited my opportunity. I went through all the training again. I studied all the aspects of my business from the products to the compensation plan. I came away with a fresh outlook and a renewed desire to succeed.

The work at home blues are no different than the feelings you may experience with a 9-5 job. The difference is that working for yourself means you have no boss hanging over you. There is no one pushing you. It’s up to you to get yourself back in gear. So if you have those feelings of despair and have lost sight of what you are trying to do, step back, take a fresh look at what you are trying to accomplish, refocus, and get back to it!