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Steps For Success With SFI

Here are six steps that you can take to maximize your success with SFI.

Step 1. Become an SFI Marketing Group affiliate.

Sign up as an SFI affiliate. There is no cost to become an affiliate. Even better, you'll get extensive free training you can use to profit from the Internet revolution with your own global marketing business through SFI.

Step 2. Complete the free Smart Start training.

Complete the free Smart Start program. Smart Start will walk you through the basics of the SFI program, establish the proper expectations and goals, and set a solid foundation for future success with SFI for you.

Step 3. Become an EA (Executive Affiliate)

To qualify as an EXECUTIVE AFFILIATE, you simply need to generate at least 10 SVP (Sales Volume Points) during the month. This can easily be achieved with just ONE sale to a retail customer, friend, or family member. Sales Volume can also include a personal IAHBE Membership or purchases from the SFI Affiliate Store (for personal consumption or for resale). Non-Executive Affiliates are eligible to earn only Retail Sales Commissions.

Step 4. Begin promoting the SFI products/opportunitiy to others.

Begin promoting and selling SFI products, services and/or the SFI business opportunity to prospective customers. You can accomplish this by using the offline and online marketing tools available to you in the Marketing Aids section of the SFI Resource Center.

Step 5. Start building your team of personally sponsored affiliates.

Start building your team of personally sponsored affiliates. You can do this several ways. Send an SFI E-Card to 10 family members, friends, and associates who may also be interested in making money in their spare time with a home business of their own. You'll also want to check out the SFI Eagle Co-op for a steady stream of incoming SFI affiliates of your own. Plus, as a member of the Work at Home Team, you have tools available to you such as website hosting and coop packages.

Step 6. Advance Through SFI'S Leadership Ranks

Advance Through SFI'S Leadership Ranks. Once that your SFI home-business is off and running and you're tapping into multiple SFI income streams, don't lose sight of your goal to build lasting, leveraged income and the lifestyle you've been dreaming of. It's all possible through SFI's lucrative Team Leader (TL) ranks. How can YOU advance through the SFI leadership ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum? Just keep doing what you've been doing to get and maintain your Team Leader status and build your home-business. Over time, you'll notice that your T-Net team is accumulating more and more SVP (and higher commission checks for you), both from your efforts and the efforts of those in your team.

That's it! Steps to a six-figure annual income with SFI!

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