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Sitesell Five Pillar Program

5 Pillar

Join the SiteSell Five Pillar Affiliate Program and Start Earning

The Sitesell Five Pillar Program has been hailed by affiliate experts as...

  • "a true, fair partnership"

  • "the most professional I have seen"

  • "hottest affiliate program of the year"

  • "one of the most significant events in revenue sharing"

  • "best affiliate program on the Net."

High Commissions... Residual Income

As a Sitesell Five Pillar Program Affiliate, earn $75 commissions for Site Build It! ("SBI!") sales. Even better, earn annual renewal commissions on each and every SBI! sale (our customer success rate is astronomical, so SBI! owners renew like clockwork!).

The SiteSell line of e-books also pays generous commissions. One even pays a 100% commission on a special introductory product (yes, you earn the entire sale amount)!

But the Sitesell Five Pillar Program goes way beyond the generous commissions. It includes...

  • lifetime customer commissions from subsequent sales of our many best-of-breed products

  • residual income commissions through renewals of Site Build It! (highest Web site renewal rate in the world!)

  • 2 tiers of income (earn from sales by your team of affiliates, just like Sales Directors in large companies)

  • unique, powerful and simple-to-use tools & strategies/advice to help you succeed, both online and off.

5 Pillar earnings really add up, fast.

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There Is No Other Program Like This

Affiliate programs have become an inexpensive, supplemental way for companies to generate lifetime customers. Most pay affiliates a commission on the single sale (often only if the purchase occurs during the actual referred visit.).

Net result?

The company gains a customer who will deliver a lifetime of sales in return for a small, one-time payment to affiliates. Commonly, a sale that was originally referred by you results in no payment. Why not? Because companies often pay only if the customer buys within a short period of time, sometimes even on the same visit.

Unfair. Short-term vision of the affiliate model.

The 5 Pillar Program is the exact opposite...

Fair. Long-term, partner-in-sales vision.

Affiliate marketing is not a "supplement" to our sales. We are the only company (compared to all companies with gross sales of over $10 million) that relies 100% on affiliate marketing.


SiteSell is committed to your success, no matter how "new" or "experienced" you are to the Net. We do not compete with our affiliates. Instead, we invest substantially to give you the strong and creative tools and strategies that you need to succeed.

The 5 Pillar Program...

i) allows serious, full-time people to make a great living; and allows part-timers to build a solid second income.

ii) empowers the talented and ambitious to truly excel -- sharp, provocative ideas and tools help you to be your best!

iii) pays you what you deserve, according to your ongoing efforts and talents. We seek and heavily reward active, long-term, partner-in-sales relationships, not short-term, one-way deals.

iv) offers outstanding Masters Courses such as:

Bottom line? You are our valued partner-in-sales. We only build our business if you build YOURS.

Join Today!!

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