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SFI Explained in 60 Seconds

SFI Explained

First of all, you need to understand that SFI is very simple:

You basically just have to do ONE thing ...refer people to your SFI Website.

We actually provide you with a variety of Websites (we call them Gateway Websites) that you can start using NO COST TO YOU.

Why would people want to go to your SFI Website? That's easy. For valuable FREE stuff! That's right, as an SFI affiliate we equip you with Websites that offer FREE books, FREE CD's, FREE seminars, and much more. Click here for a sample Website.

How difficult is it to give away FREE goods? It's NOT! That's why SFI has become one of the Internet's biggest success stories and why making money with SFI is so simple.

You may be thinking, “But I don't know how to get people to a Website!” That’s not a problem because we'll teach you everything you need to know. We have extensive training resources especially for Internet “newbies” and we’ve taught people of every age, race, and from every background how to drive traffic to their Websites and make money on the Web.

Now let's look at where the income comes from...

SFI 1 Every person you refer to your Website is considered a prospective customer of both you and SFI. Because of this, we’ll be actively marketing to your customers on your behalf. When SFI comes out with a new product for example, we’ll let all your referrals know about it. And for any sales that occur, we’ll handle everything: payments, shipping, customer service, everything! And then the best part – we send YOU a commission check for any items purchased by your referrals!

But that’s just the beginning. Millions of people around the world are looking for a good, honest way to earn extra money, and SFI offers one of the best. Because of this, many of your referrals will also decide to become SFI affiliates. Now it really starts to get interesting!

Would you like to know two of the biggest secrets of the ultra-wealthy? They are:


Residual Income is income that keeps coming in, month after month, year after year, from work you do just once. It's like a royalty where you write a book or record a song and get paid forever on it.

Leveraged Income is earning money through other people's efforts. The fact is, there are only 24 hours in a day, so there's only so much you can earn through your own efforts. Hence, a truly smart business is one that allows you to "leverage" yourself through what other people are doing in a win/win way.

SFI 2 Well, Residual Income and Leveraged Income are no longer just for the ultra-wealthy. With SFI, BOTH have finally been made available to you, too!

Here’s how: As an SFI affiliate, you can earn income when your affiliates refer other affiliates to SFI...and when your affiliate's affiliates refer other affiliates...and so on. By simply referring a few affiliates to SFI you can eventually have hundreds, even thousands of affiliates, putting money in your pocket around the clock, month after month, year after year.

Why so many people are succeeding with SFI...

SFI is like a sleek and powerful sports car. Whereas the sports car only needs you to add fuel to go, SFI basically only needs you to add leads. That is, if you can consistently generate new referrals, you can realistically create an income of $500 - $2,000 a month within just one to two years...and much more if you really want to “go for it!”

You can do this two ways:

1. You can use your own promotional efforts (using banner ads, free classified ads, offline ads, etc, that SFI provides). If you're an experienced marketer, you'll find generating leads to be an easy task. Remember, all you have to do is give away valuable FREE stuff!

2. If you don't have the time or experience to generate your own leads, we'll teach you how. Or, you can participate in the SFI. Eagle Co-op pools together the advertising dollars of hundreds of SFI affiliates. We then place advertising on your behalf. Leads generated from the Eagle Advertising Co-op are then SFI 3 rotated equally among all Co-op participants. And, of course, we keep you informed all the way via e-mails and real-time, online activity reports. You can participate in Eagle Co-op for as little as $1.48 a day.

That's it! Don't try to make it more complicated.

Maximizing your income

One last thing. You can maximize your earnings with SFI by becoming an Executive Affiliate (EA). Click here to learn more about becoming an EA.

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