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by Greg Younger

Creating and understanding your "WHY" is probably the most important thing in being successful in Network Marketing. If success is your destination, then let me help you make the journey. Think of me as a coach,advisor, and friend.

Experience has taught me that one of the most important skills anyone can master is goal setting. Although most people realize how important it is to set goals and make a written plan for their accomplishments, few actually do it. Most put it off, leaving their business unfocused because they perceive goal setting as something that is complicated and time consuming. Plus most of us just simply do not know what we want.

Success leaves clues. I want to share these clues with you, and that is why I have created a comprehensive proven method of setting goals that both teaches and models the simple, universal, and timeless principals of goal setting and personal strategic planning.

The Secret To Setting Effective Goals
What’s the secret? Goals can take you wherever you want to go, but so often they do not provide the inspiration you need to get there. Wishes are different. They have impact–like being struck by lightning instead of by a lightning bug. They let you dream. They let you soar. They let you tap into a source of limitless possibility and boundless energy that gives you the power to accomplish what you might otherwise never imagined.

When you think in terms of wishes instead of goals, you give yourself the inspirational edge you need to make your wishes come true. But many of us have forgotten how to dream because life has systematically beaten us down either through friends and family pulling us down or through the work place. If only we could dream like we were kids again.

Children inspire me because they have no sense of boundaries or limitations. For a child, anything is possible. But as we grow up, our dreams are slowly taken away from us–many times from the people that love us the most. How many times have your parents told you that, "You can’t do that..." or "You are wasting your time on..." Well-meaning people with our best interest in mind have sucked the life out of many a dream. They are simply protecting you from the possibility of failure or being harmed.

NOTHING in life is worth having that does not require some risk taking. And wishes for family and friends are big scary things that have the potential of harming you. But if you follow through on them, they have HUGE personal payoffs.

The other place we get our wishes crushed is in the workplace. I remember when I started my first "real" job, how excited I was and full of hope with plans for my future. It was in my fifth year that I realized that I had made a huge mistake. I had worked very hard and taken on a lot of responsibility. I was working 50 to 60 hours a week and managing a large high-profile project. There had been a group of 12 of us who all started at the same time and went through a training program five years prior. We all went out for our annual lunch to catch up and see how everyone was doing. The subject of pay came up and we all confided in our current incomes. It turned out that we were all making within 2% of each other salary-wise, even though we had a wide range of performance levels.

What I realized was that corporate culture does not reward your performance. It rewards you for just showing up. So why kill yourself? Just do your job and work 9 to 5. Just do enough to get by because going above and beyond the call of duty is discouraged.

We take these lessons into our personal life. Just do enough to get by. We are becoming a society with no passion. We get into ruts and never do anything to stretch or challenge ourselves. Think about your weekly routine. For how many of us is going home and watching TV the highlight of our day? We get to sit and watch other people fulfilltheir dreams while we sit and let ours pass us by.

Ten Reasons Why People Fail

1. Reasons "WHY" are unclear - Why you want to achieve the goal is more important than the goal itself. Before taking action on anything it is imperative, ask yourself this key question: “Why do I want to achievethis goal?"
2. Lack of focus - Success demands focus. It is the hallmark of all truly great people. Your ability to get and remain focused or lack thereof is perhaps the key determinant of your success.
3. Taking action without planning - When it comes to your goals and future,impulsiveness is the mother of regret. Considerable thought must be given to the ends as well as the means of your strategy.
4. Planning without taking action - Endless preparation is worse than action without planning. Accept that things will never be perfect. Questions will forever exist. Plan well and start!
5. Scattered energy - Attempting to do too much is a recipe for mediocrity. Rather than doing an excellent job at a few chosen goals, we spread our energies over a vast array and scatter what matters most; time and energy.
6. Unrealistic timeframes and expectations - Life is a process, not an event. Nothing great was ever built easily. Exercise wisdom and learn to be patient. Unfortunately, most things in life take longer and cost more than the best-laid plans anticipate.
7. Denial of reality - It’s far easier to deny reality than it is to accept it. And far too many people take the easy route. Successis information driven, when we deny reality, for whatever reason, we devalue the integrity of our information, thus ensuring failure.
8. Conflicting values - When we have not clarified our reasons why or defined what success means to us personally, we operate on someone else’s definition. When this occurs, values are sure to be in conflict and progress is short-circuited.
9. Failure and progress - The world is littered with the victims of failure. Yet failure leads to victory. Use each failure as feedback in your constant progression toward your goals. Our world is one of adjustment, of conflict, and of mutual gains and losses.In short, of failures and progress.
10. Trying to do all things alone - Nobody gets through life alone; we all need the cooperation and assistance of others. Put your pride aside, and learn to ask for help when you need it. Learn to leverage and share knowledge for your own well-being as well as for others who are dependent upon your cooperation.

The Merlin Exercise

I have used this exercise to help shake people out of complacency and start identifying things they wish would happen. This exercise has been used by thousands of people, and I have seen it make a profound difference in every one of their lives...and it can have the same effect on you if you follow these simple rules:

1. Do the exercise completely. No short cut here, or you are only cheating yourself.
2. Be completely honest with yourself. I do not want you worrying what other people might think. This is for you, not them.
3. They will tell you they are not interested in setting up an appointment. 4. Act on what you learn. Note: You may want to have someone read the steps to you so that you are not tempted to jump ahead.

Step 1: Write 5 Goals.

Before you write your goals, let's quickly define what a goal is. To be an effective goal, it must have four elements:
1. It must be measurable.
2. It must have a time frame associated with it.
3. The goal must be realistic.
4. It must be something you want.

An example of a goal may be something like: "I want to create a residual income that makes my car payment each month by the end of March."

Now I want you to write five goals for your network-marketing business.

Background: Many of you may remember Merlin as being the wizard that helped King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The unique thing about Merlin was that he lived his life backwards. He knew what the future held for him. So in turn, it was easy for him to make decisions on what to do in any given situation. He knows what choices to make because he knows what the outcome is.

Step 2: What do I want my life to be like in five years?

On your sheet of paper, write down what you want your life to be like in five years. Dream big–this is your life.
• Where do you live?
• What do you do?
• What are your relationships like?
• Family
• Friends
• Community
• What kind of car do you drive?
• What is important to you?
• How do spend your spare time?

I want you to really think about this. Take all the time you need to put down on paper the life you want to be living in five years.

Step 3: What do I want my life to be like in10 years?

Answer the same questions. What has changed? What is your income level? How does your community perceive you? Spend as long as you need doing this step beforeyou move on.

Step 4: What do I want my life to be like in 25 years?

How has your life changed? What is the relationship you have with your family and friends? How has what you have accomplished affected other people?

Step 5: What do I want my life to be like in 50 years?

How has your life changed? Some of us may be pushing up daisies. How does that affect your loved ones, friends, and the community? If you are still alive, what are you doing?

Step 6: What do I want my life to be like in 100 years?

What is your legacy? How do you want people to remember you? What is still happening because you started it? How is that affecting everyone?

Step 7: What do I want my life to be like in 1 year?

You now have the advantage Merlin had: you know how your life is going to turn out. So you now know what you need to get there. I want you to write down what you life needs to be like in one year to be able to getto your life in five years. • Where do you live?
• What do you do?
• What are your relationships like?
• Family
• Friends
• Community
• What kind of car do you drive?
• What is important to you?
• How do spend your spare time?
What skills do I need to have developed or milestones do I need to reach by this point to achieve the life I want in five years?

Step 8: What do I want my life to be like in six months?

What does my life look like in six short months from now? If, for example, I wanted to be an effective public speaker in one year, what am I doing to make that happen? Did Itake a class or join Toast Masters?
If I want a great relationship with my wife in one year, what has to be happening in six months to make that happen? What do I need to do to make that happen? What do I need to stop doing to make that happen?

Step 9: What do I want my life to be like in one month?

What has to be happening by the end of this month for me to achieve my lifestyle in six months? What needs to be started?

Step 10: What do I want my life to be like in one week:

What do I have to do this week? Setting Goals That Will Never Let You Quit

Now that we know what we want our lives to be like, it is time we create our goals for our business. Note: Did you know that if you write down and read a list of 10 goals each day, eight will come true within one year?

I want you to write 10 goals that you want to achieve in the next 12 months. Remember the rules: 1. It must be measurable.
2. It must have a time frame associated with it.
3. The goal must be realistic.
4. It must be something you want.

Notice how much easier it is to write them now that you have completed the Merlin Exercise. When you know your WHY it is easy to fit your goals to match it.

When you are satisfied with your 10 goals I want you to re-write them on a clean sheet of paper and place them somewhere where you will read them everyday.

Congratulations! You have just completed the most important step in being successful in network marketing. Now that you have your WHY and ROADMAP (goals) on how to get there, the only thing left to do is to implement your plan.

If your WHY is big enough, it is easy to take action. If you really want the life you described in the Merlin Exercise, then taking action will be easy.

Article by Greg Younger. Greg has developed systems for Fortune 100 Companies and large financial institutions for the past 12 years. Five years ago, he joined the networkmarketing industry and has seen and dealt with almost every imaginable "challenge" that every network marketer faces every single day of their lives. His mission is to help networkers shorten the learning curve in this industry so that they do not have to make the same mistakes many of us have made. Contact Greg at (309) 664-1113 or

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