I’m always amazed at the many different ways there are to work at home from your computer. Oftentimes people think about starting a home business as a way to make money. In reality many people are not entrepreneurial by nature and really would just like to get paid for doing work.

In this article we’ll go over three get paid to program ideas you can stay at home and work from your computer and make money with. You may not get rich doing any of these ideas, but you can supplement your income very nicely every month.

1. Take paid online surveys. This may be the most common get paid program idea you will find. Companies are willing to pay you for your opinion because that is how they formulate ideas for future products. Many of these companies can be found when you join a survey site.

Some of the better known ones include Inbox Dollars, SnapDollars, FusionCash, and CashCrate. You can also join a paid membership sites such as Survey Scout and get access to companies that you would not otherwise fine. You are paying for the membership and the company earns their money by giving you an up to date list of companies to take surveys Web.

One other way to make more money is to refer other members. When you do this you make cash on the surveys they are taking as well as earning yourself.

2. Get Paid to Read emails. This is another excellent way to work at home from your computer. Internet businesses will promote their products by email marketing. You get paid to open the email and click on the ads in it.

This is not a big profit center for you to make money, but doing this a few times every day can add up to some extra money over the course of a month. Again you can also refer new members and get paid when they read emails too.

3. Data entry and or typing. Companies need data entered and will pay you to do it for them. You can Google search “data entry jobs” to come up with opportunities to do this.

If you like the type you can also make money promoting your own products with affiliate marketing. Another way to make money typing is to write blog articles for companies such as Pay Per Post. Perhaps you may want to start you own blog and make money that way.

These are three common get paid to program ideas you can make money to work at home from your computer. Taking paid online surveys, reading emails, and data entry or typing at home are all easy ways to make extra money.

If you are really serious about working from home, may I suggest the My Affiliate Power Site Program? It has everything you need to get started including a website setup with multiple streams of income.

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