Work at home dads have become more common over the years. In the past this was primarily a stay at home moms choice based on multiple factors. Today dads have many money making opportunities available to them if they prefer to work at home.

Let’s talk about using the Internet to make money working at home if you are a dad.

1. Internet business opportunity. There are many companies you can start with that provide everything you need to start your own Internet business.

SFI is the largest company in the world now with over with millions of members in over 200 countries. People are joining this company so fast that a new member joins every 3 minutes from somewhere.

You can make money referring people to the business opportunity. You can also take advantage of the many products and services they provide to sell and earn money as well.

2. Direct sales. There are many companies you can join and quickly have a career in direct sales. Some of them are very well known and work at home dads are earning excellent money from home selling their products.

For example, did you know that Avon is not just for women. Many men now sell Avon because of the opportunity it presents to make money with this $11 Billion Dollar a year company.

Other opportunities in direct sales include Amway, Primerica, Herbalife, Tupperware, and so on. There are now over 68 companies you can start with that have over $100 Million a year in annual sales.

3. Blog writing. Many dads are working at home writing blog articles for other Internet marketers.

If you enjoy writing there’s a never ending supply of work out there for you. This can quickly be turned in to a full-time business and you will never run out of customers because a new blog is started somewhere in the world every 1 to 2 seconds.

4. Affiliate marketing. You cannot talk about money making opportunities without mentioning affiliate marketing.

You can make money selling products, getting leads, with Google Adsense clicks, starting your own affiliate program, or referring members into 2 tier affiliate programs. Because most of these opportunities are free to join, and the affiliate merchant gives everything you need to quickly make money, affiliate marketing is very popular with work at home dads.

In summary these are just a handful of the many money making opportunities work at home dads have available to them. There is no shortage of ways to make money if you are a dad who wants to stay at home and work.

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