Tired of those deadbeat “opportunities” that never amount to anything online? What about the consistent flow of scams that seem to take over the Internet? Believe it or not, there are some legitimate ways to work at home with actual success. Although not all of these are new, they may have slipped your radar during the search.

If you have always been the life of the party and thought planning the party would be fun, becoming a virtual concierge is more than possible and is fast becoming one of the more popular ways to work at home. All you really need is a computer, Internet service and a phone to join VIPdesk Connect. This can hook you up with high-end clients that can range from setting up dinner reservations to making travel arrangements. Salary for this typically ranges from $10 to $14 per hour.

Designers always have a knack for what is in and what is not. Now you can become a designer without a studio, shop or business team. Many companies are looking for quality designers who can simply upload pictures of their handiwork onto a site. For a small fee the company will handle all of your advertising, listing, payment and shipping. Some sites to consider include Zazzle.com and Etsy.com.

There is always a benefit to knowing another language and if you are looking for ways to work at home, being a translator is certainly a possibility. It is possible to earn more than $50,000 a year translating documents online, especially if you know Japanese, Spanish, French or German. The key is being fluent in the language and having an area of expertise like advertising or real estate.

Although it may not sound like the most appealing opportunity, you can make $8 to $15 per hour as a customer service agent. Many companies are closing office space and going strictly online which calls for virtual customer service. This is a terrific way to make easy money working from the comfort of your very own home.

While this is by no means new, a mystery shopper is always a possibility. Businesses want to make sure their employees are producing at the highest level and are therefore more than willing to pay someone to check up. Some fear this is a scam, but you truly can get paid to shop at clothing stores, restaurants, entertainment stores and even auto dealerships. Just keep in mind you should never have to pay a fee to become one.

The final option for ways to work at home is to become a medical coder. Because government regulations have increased the amount of paperwork that is involved with insurance claims, many companies are looking to hire people to translate information into numerical codes. You will need to know general medical terminology and anatomy and physiology, but this can all be learned online or at a community college.

There are many more ways to work at home. These are just a few that you may have not thought about or that may have slipped your mind. In closing, let mention one other of the several outstanding work at home opportunities. It’s called MyWorldPlus and it’s for anyone who shops and is interested in saving money and starting their on online business. Take a FREE tour and see if it’s right for you.

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