MLM work at home is something some people start without realizing they are in a network marketing business.

This happens when a person enters a direct sales company such as Avon, Mary Kay, or Amway.

The person is really looking for a way to make money working at home. It just so happens that multilevel marketing provides an excellent opportunity for average people to do that.

There are many established network marketing companies that have been around for many years. Several of these do over $100 million a year in business. Some are even multi-billion dollars in scope.

The primary advantage to joining a company such as this is you are given everything you need to succeed.

If you choose the right company you are going to start with fantastic products. You’re also going to be given training and marketing support to promote your business.

You may choose to work this is an off line business. Avon distributors are still handing out catalogs in person.

You may decide to build your business primarily online. Avon as well as most other companies now offer an excellent ecommerce way to do MLM.

It ultimately comes down to finding the right company that you can get behind and believe in the products. This is the best MLM work at home to be in.

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