Work at Home ResourcesWork at home resources are things available to you that you can use to create a benefit. In this article we are going to focus on resources that when properly used can help you earn more money. The exciting thing is you can do this at home!

1. Website Hosting. If you are going to promote anything online you are best off to set up your own website or blog and host it yourself.

Even if you use the affiliate marketing business model you are better off to set up webpages to promote your affiliate offers on. This way you can pre-sell your potential customer on the benefits and develop unique webpages that are different from what other affiliates are promoting.

Website hosting is not very expensive at around $10 a month. Host Gator, Blue Host and several others offer various packages depending on what your needs are.

2. Auto responder. Building an email list is an important part of long-term income from home.

One strategy that is proven is to promote landing pages and capture the name and email address of your prospects. This way you can follow up with them in the future and promote various products and make more sales.

Auto responders run around $20 a month and allow you to build email lists in various niches. No matter what the theme of your business is you can build a list and benefit from it in the future.

3. Discussion Forums. The Work At Home Forum, Warrior Forum and others are a great source of free information.

You can hang out in these forums and learn a lot in your spare time. If you need some personal coaching check out a paid membership site such as the Affiliate Power Group. This is a good resource for learning and getting help on your own specific problems.

4. Home businesses. Business in a box opportunities provide an excellent resource for people who would like to hit the ground running. There are many other ways to start a home business very quickly including network marketing.

The real advantage to joining a home business where everything is set up for you is how quickly you can get going. For example as a network marketer you will be given products and marketing materials to promote with.

The same thing is true with other business models such as affiliate marketing. You are given a website coded with your ID number and marketing materials to promote that website with.

Most home business opportunities also provide various levels of training. Some of it is live, and some of it is archived in the form of a webinar so you can access it at your convenience.

When you consider work at home resources the training is a big part of that. In the past you would spend most of your time attending training in person. Now you can utilize the Internet to become as educated as you want to be on your specific home business opportunity.

5. Get paid to programs. Some people would prefer to just work and make money that way without starting a business.

Get paid to programs are generally free to join and you earn money by performing a specific function. For example, you can get paid to take surveys, do data entry, type at home, and read email.

These are not get rich type programs, but allow you to earn money a part-time basis around your own schedule. Many of these programs can be joined quickly so you can start making money right away.

Some might require you to purchase a list, or join a membership site with a one-time fee such as Global Data Entry. When you do this you get access to more opportunities than you might with the free sites.

In summary these are several work at home resources available to you utilizing the Internet. Taking advantage of the many tools, programs, and free training, allows you to make as much money as you want online today!

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