Free Work at Hme OpportunitiesIn this article we want to talk about 3 free work from home opportunities that can be started quickly. We’ll take a look at three income models and go into a little bit of depth on each one.

1. Affiliate marketing. This is a popular business model because of the many ways you can make money working from home doing it.

Affiliate programs are one of the more popular free work from home opportunities because they are free to join. Therefore many people are doing this all around the world. It doesn’t take any specific skill or education level to get involved in affiliate marketing.

This is a good work from home opportunity because you can make money getting paid by the click, by the lead, and by the sale. You can also join 2-tier affiliate programs and refer people to make money when they perform some of these actions.

The affiliate merchant provides everything you need to get started working. You will be given an affiliate ID number that is coded into various websites you promote.

You’ll also be given marketing materials such as banner ads to start promoting online. Some of the top affiliate merchants also provide training on the best ways to promote their products.

2. Blog writing. This is another of the more popular free work from home opportunities. While it does take some skill, it is something you can quickly start and learn as you go.

The fastest way to get going is to set up your own blog at Then join so you can get paid for your writing.

Write a few blog articles you can use for sample content. You can write about anything you want. Make sure your grammar is correct and you do not have any spelling errors.

Then go to some of the top discussion forums, such as The Warrior Forum, and let people know you’re available to write. If you have a specific niche you want to write on start contacting bloggers in those niches and let them know you’re interested in writing content for them.

It’s not unusual for people to go from part-time to full-time working from home very quickly as a blog writer. This can be a lot of fun and very profitable as well!

3. Get paid to programs. These are free to join and include getting paid to take surveys, do data entry, type in blog comments, and make forum posts.

If you just want to sit down and make some money working get paid to programs are an excellent to start with. You can quickly be making money and control your own schedule.

These are three free work from home opportunities you can quickly get started with. Doing one or more of these is a good way to make money from home without spending anything up front.

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