Keyword PlacementKeyword placement appears to be a topic of great discussion and several conflicting opinions. Along with the proper placement of keywords the exact number of keywords that needs to be used in an article or for seo techniques seems to be a hot topic as well.

To get the most from your onsite seo techniques here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Choose which one of your keywords you want to be the main keyword for your site. Your main keyword will have a good number of monthly searches, minimal competition and above all, it will be highly relevant to the subject of your website.

Once you have determined which of your keywords will be your primary keyword, you need to use that keyword in the title of your website. Use the keyword phrase by itself, or even better, combine it into a sentence that’s a compelling explanation of what your site is all about.

2. For the description of your site you will need to include not just your main keyword phrase but a number of other supporting keywords. Be sure you keep your description no more than 160 characters. Search engines will only identify 160 characters or less so any more than that will be a waste of time.

Again, this should be an enticing summary of what your site is about, and what it can do for your visitors.

3. The meta tag is where you will list multiple keywords including your primary keyword. Here, you could have up to 200 characters and this section is simply a list of keywords separated by commas. Here you don’t need to write sentences or paragraphs. Keep all your words in lower case.

The keyword placement you’ll use when writing an seo article or blog post of course will be somewhat different. Again, there is much debate regarding how many keywords are enough keywords but a good guideline is to keep your keyword density to no more than 2% – 3%.

For articles, and blog posts, the keyword should be in the title. If you’re able to make it sound good, also include an additional secondary keyword phrase in the title.

One thing to keep in mind though is that even though you want the search engines to find your site, you’re writing for humans. Don’t stuff so many keywords into your article that it sounds like babble. This practice will do much more harm than good.

After the title you need to include your keywords a few more times through the entire body of the article. Just how many times will depend on the size of the article. The more words you have, the more times you can include your keyword without getting too high of a keyword density percentage.

Include your keywords in the first and last paragraphs at least. Keyword placement is another important factor you need to recognize to get the most out of all your online traffic generation methods.

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