Many people want to make money taking paid surveys. The question on everyone’s mind is do paid surveys work?

My answer is yes they do if you are willing to work! What exactly does that mean?

First of all you need to find companies who are willing to pay you for your opinion. Completing a paid survey requires you to join survey opportunities.

You can find these at various online companies including Cash Crate. They are free to join.

There are a couple of things I particularly like about this company.

1. Survey of the day. Everyday you can complete several surveys that take a few minutes to do. If you complete all of the surveys of the day in a month you will make over $100.

2. Referral opportunity. They will also pay you to recruit new members into their program.

You earn money whenever these new members take their first survey. You can also earn residual income on surveys they complete in the future.

They even have a 2-tier program. This means you can also earn money on new members that your personal recruits sign up.

This is just one survey company and they have paid out millions of dollars in commissions. This should definitely answer the question do paid surveys work?

Here are a couple of paid survey sites that I am a member of that can get you started:



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