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Computer Work at Home

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3 Easy Ways To Generate Website Traffic

There are literally hundreds of ways that you can generate website traffic. All of them work, but what you need to keep in mind is that they might not work immediately, so start with one, master it, and then move on to the next. As you do this, you
will find those that you like better, or those that work better for your business and website, or both.

Here are just three common ways to generate website traffic.
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Building Backlinks Techniques

Building backlinks is fundamentally crucial for page rankings and therefore it is an important step in search engine optimization. For those who do not know what a Backlink is – Backlinks are incoming links to a web site from other similar sites virtually interconnected with each other through Internet browsing. This way a website can easily navigate back and forth between like web pages, just after entering / outgoing links. That’s all backlinks building is in a few words!

What are the techniques to build quality backlinks?
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Creating an Article Marketing Blog

article marketing blog An article marketing blog that will bring you great amounts of success is easy to make. An article marketing blog is easy to put together but what will make it successful is getting unique content to put on it. Getting content for your blog isn’t enough, though. You have to get traffic for it. For an article marketing blog content is king but what gives that king his crown is the traffic that comes to read it. The key to success is to get the people to your article marketing blog and get them coming back.
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Home Business Forums are often quickly dismissed in favor of other types of social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but a forum can be one of the greatest tools for your internet business. Instead of broad social platforms, forums are a place where very like-minded people get together to discuss specific matters and to find solutions to common problems.  One of the reasons that forums are often overlooked by internet businesses is because they are relatively small when compared to the popular of broader social media outlets. So how can forums help your internet business?
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Blogging Advice

blogging adviceIf you’re like so many other people who’ve gotten the ‘blogging bug’, congratulations! People start their own blogs for many reasons. They just want to be able to share their life with family and friends far away.  They may like sharing their knowledge about one of their hobbies, and sometimes they want to make money.  Whatever your reason for starting a blog, you’re going to want to start off on the right foot and get some great blogging advice, and that’s where this article can help.
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Ebusiness Start-Up Handbook

Today I have a new resource to tell you about that will stop you
from making the common start-up mistake that KILLS many new

It’s called the “Ebusiness Start-Up Handbook,” and it’s a
must-read for anyone who wants to build a profitable long-term
ebusiness on a solid foundation.

Download it, and you’ll avoid wasting massive amounts of time and
money getting your new business started.

What I like most about this simple but comprehensive Handbook is that it uses
clear language and lots of examples and graphics to clearly
explain the step-by-step process you need to follow to find a
lucrative online market with minimal competition.

Start your website *without* doing this critical groundwork first,
and prepare for a long and costly battle…

You’ll struggle to attract visitors, to get ranked in the search
engines, and to convert the few visitors you do get into buyers.

Worse, you could find yourself going head to head with the
Internet’s toughest — and most well-funded — competitors, like and eBay.

The “Ebusiness Start-Up Handbook” was produced by the experts at
the Internet Marketing Center, who have generated over $100
million in sales online, so you know you can trust their advice.

I highly recommend you take the first step toward financial
independence by downloading this Handbook right away. You’ll be
giving your new website its best chance of success.

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Whats Your Resolution?

The end of the year is here again and as usual many resolutions will be made. Many will vow to lose a few pounds. Some will put down the smokes. Others may decide to stop drinking.

One of the more popular resolutions is to get out of debt. That’s certainly not an easy one to keep because it demands strong will and discipline. You either decrease spending, increase income, or do a combination of both. Since it’s kind of hard to give yourself a raise unless you are your own boss, starting a home based job is a good way to increase that income.

The internet is packed full of ways to make money working at home. Many of them are legit, many are not. One of my favorites is SFI.

Since 1998, SFI has been leading the Internet income revolution
with its cutting edge affiliate program that empowers even average
people to earn $20, $50, even $100 per hour working from
their home computer.

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SFI has shown millions of men and women from over 200 countries
worldwide how to cash in on the Internet. In fact, their system
is so successful that OVER 8000 people join SFI every week!

SFI is totally FREE for affiliates to join. And there’s absolutely NO
OBLIGATION. SFI provides you with FREE Websites, a FREE course
that teaches you everything you need to know to make money
online ($295 value), and hundreds of exciting products to stock
your online store shelves with.

Plus, SFI takes care of all orders, product shipments, and customer
service for you. You just have to cash the commission

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Want to Sell More Online?

Want to sell more online? Write better. The power is in your words!

Unfortunately, at least 98% of small business sites start “at the end”… the sale.

Great Netwriting is actually far more than writing great sales copy.

Before you write to sell, take an order and ship a product…

You need traffic. PREsold traffic.

And sales copy does not do that.

That is why effective Netwriting is really a two-step process. This requires two different kinds of writing…

  1. Write to PREsell.
  2. Then, and only then, write to SELL.

Now for the good news… you can do this. How? By taking The Netwriting Masters Course. It is the only book about Netwriting that covers both PREselling and Selling (every other book on Netwriting focuses only on writing to sell — this itself is a reflection of that “starting-at-the-end” philosophy).

And now for the best news of all…The Netwriting Masters Course is free!

Effective Netwriting (i.e., the kind that generates income and that enables you to sell more online) is indeed something that anyone can accomplish. There is nothing magical or complicated about it. And you don’t need an English degree or be a literary genius to do it. But you do need to make the critical offline-to-online business mindshift from “location, location, location” to…

“Information, information, information.”

Surfers on the Net are not looking for you or your business. People search for information and solutions. So give them what they want. Well before you make your first sale, provide the information (i.e., high value content) that people are searching for, in a way that the Search Engines like. Create content that overdelivers what your visitors seek.

Most small businesses fail on the Net because they prepare to sell and collect money, before they have provided what their visitors are searching for (information). These small business owners build a Web site to sell and somehow figure that traffic will just show up and be willing to buy or hire immediately.

Wrong thinking… wrong process… no results! It’s like pushing a string. You have to pull instead… pull targeted visitors into your site.

Let’s summarize these four simple steps that allow you to sell more online…

  1. Create the information that your prospective customers want.
  2. Attract targeted traffic at the Search Engines
  3. PREsell your visitors — build confidence (people buy from those they trust).
  4. Convert traffic to dollars — sell (whatever that may be… hard goods, e-goods, services, even clicks on Google ads).

As you can see, the first three steps involve a completely different kind of Netwriting. Write to deliver what humans want… information. And write for two audiences, the Search Engine spiders and the humans. That’s what effective PREselling is all about!

To date, all the attention about writing-for-the-Net focuses on only one of the four key steps, the last one. Yes, that last one is an important one (it can literally triple sales… or destroy all your good efforts if you write terrible sales copy).

But sales copy only gets a chance to shine after your PREselling content gets the first three steps “right/write.”

Join the “Top 2%” on the Net. PREsell with information-packed content, then sell with benefit-focused sales copy, smoothly converting your visitors into customers. This “1-2″ power strategy is the core to building traffic and earning income on the Net.

Right thinking… right process… profitable results!

You can do the same.

Sell More Online

Click here to download the free Netwriting Masters Course.

You are about to download a pdf file (“NetwritingMasters.pdf”). Save it to your desktop. After you have downloaded, double-click it to open.

The goal of The Netwriting Masters Course is to help you write better so that ulitmately you can sell more. It shows you how to use the right words with the right process… how to pull targeted visitors into your site, PREsell them… then, and only then, sell.

Change the process to change the results and start building your traffic and sell more online today.

Click here to download the free Netwriting Masters Course.

For more information on starting your own home business and for more home business tips like,”Sell More Online,” subscribe to my Free Work at Home Opportunities Newsletter.

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