Welcome to an over “sales pitched” arena, which includes the area of marketing an online business. This is a place in which competition is intense. Businesses competing with one another to try to get your money out of your pocket. Every day we’re being deluged with advertisements on the radio, television, billboards, email, mail, and telephone. It seems that everyday life has become one big sales pitch. From the time we get up to the time we go to sleep we have been sales pitched just to get up and do it all over again.

It is amazing to me to think the amount of money these huge businesses are spending on advertising just to get your attention to purchase. My real question is, are people tuning this form of advertising out due to the shear volume we as consumers face on a regular basis? Don’t get me wrong. For entertainment sake, some of these commercials are great and some are lousy. But I truly do know this. I never purchased a product because of a commercial on television or radio. As a matter of fact, it seems radio is just about the opposite. We listen to the radio to hear the commercials and once in awhile, they might play a song. The moment an ad is played on the radio, I turn the dial (or hit the seek button) or I hit off. Or how many emails do you delete or are in your spam folder because of someone marketing an online business using inflated promises or fancy websites?

I believe what would be interesting is to locate a product or service that’s quite successful, meaning an unknown brand name, which has virtually no advertising budget attached to it. Just word of mouth without all the hype. You will find a number of of them available.

Look, marketing an online business is not about spending gazillions of dollars with fancy entertaining ads and gimmicks It’s about communicating the right message to a specific audience. People are searching for your product, service, and or opportunity. If you think you can’t develop a business from your home without spending lots of money on advertising, think again. Start focusing your thoughts on a marketing strategy based on communicating the right message to the right people that helps people, and watch your results improve. Remember, in the world of marketing, it’s not about matching your competitors dollar for dollar in the scope of sameness. Instead, it’s about rising above what everyone else is doing.

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