Best Multilevel CompaniesThere are many multi-level marketing companies operating around the globe. A list of the best MLM companies might be pretty subjective, but all of them will offer solid, consumable products, a team-oriented pay plan, and assistance on many different levels. Here are just some examples of these kinds of companies.

Watkins is among the best MLM companies and is a very a very well-established business which has been around for over 130 years. It is considered a pioneer of “natural living” products within the personal care, home care, remedies and organic flavorings. Its personal care line consists of only natural, eco-friendly substances from renewable resources, and avoids toxic substances. The company also features all-natural cleaners, which it has offered since 1917, but which have been modified to suit modern tastes.

Healthy Coffee USA is popular because it is totally free to join. You get commissions strictly by selling the merchandise with this one, so they also advertise themselves as a non-MLM. This business aims to get one million members within 5 years and intends to expand into include Japan, Mexico, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Philippines, and more. The pay plan is binary, with fast start, matching along with other bonuses. There is also a low monthly fee.

Amway Global has been around for quite a while (sometimes under different names), and is considered one of the founders in the best MLM network marketing industry. Amway features over 450 exclusive services and products, and an extremely advanced global ordering and distribution community. Amway’s compensation plan is really a traditional stair-step-breakaway which is characterized by distributors who must have both individual and group sales volumes. Once the established personal and/or group goals are realized, the distributor breaks away “breaks away” from their upline.

Skyguard 360 is one of the newest launched MLM opportunities, for those who like to get in on the ground. This one sells products and services to protect yourself, your loved ones and your home, such as wireless security products and identity theft protection. They are some refreshing advantages for purchasing these products. For instance, customers do not need a contract, and they are not required to be home owners. The business plan and compensation plan is dependant on a referral system and runs four levels deep.

Shaklee is yet another well-established pioneer in the MLM industry, with several award-winning and scientifically-backed goods including a completely natural eco-friendly cleaning line, including laundry, dish-washing, in addition to the multi-purpose cleaners and disinfecting line. The company is most recognized in the medical industry because of its many forms of supplements that focus on a variety of medical problems. It also boasts a baby/children’s line of supplements and care items. The pay plan is relatively complex for Shaklee – it has been more modernized since Roger Barnett took over as Chairman and CEO in 2004.

These are a few of the best MLM companies that you can choose from. While there are many to choose from, hopefully this is enough information to get you started. For more information on starting your own home business and for more home business tips, subscribe to my
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