Promoting Clickbank Products SuccessfullyPromoting Clickbank products successfully is not simply a matter of blindly picking products. When selecting a Clickbank product to market as an affiliate you need to pick one which will convert well thus making you lots of sales. It is sensible to possess a good strong criteria to adhere to when choosing an item to market to increase your odds of selecting a rewarding product. Some of the elements you need to think about are gravity score, competition, the sales copy, commission payout, product price and repeat commissions. Let us check out each one of these in greater detail:

Gravity Score

When starting out it’s always best to stay with products having a gravity score between 20 and 50. These will be products which are converting and will have affiliates actively promoting them, but on the other hand are not over loaded with competition.

Once you become a a bit more familiar with affiliate marketing, then start marketing products with a gravity score of more than 50. There will certainly be a little more competition, but with more affiliate marketing these products are apt to be better converting products.

Don’t promote anything having a gravity score under 20 since these are not likely to convert well.


You should think about how much competition there may be for marketing a specific product. You do not want too much competition but on the other hand you wouldn’t want zero competition.

If you consider the Pay Per Click ads on Google and discover there aren’t any ads for that product then most likely folks have attempted to promote that product with no success. If there are PPC ads for that product then those individuals have to be seeing some success to continue to pay for advertising.

So no competition usually means that there isn’t any interest in that product. Hence even though you do not want an excessive amount of competition, you do want some competition.

Sales Copy

The gravity score isn’t the sole method to judge whether a product will convert well. Actually, gravity scores can’t always be trusted as some providers will increase their gravity score by selling their product using a number of their very own Clickbank accounts.

An often overlooked key to promoting Clickbank products successfully is to simply learn more about the product you are promoting. It is usually advisable to browse the sales copy of the product you are thinking about promoting so that you can determine whether you believe it might convert well. Usually, if you explore the sales page and it causes you to want to buy the product your self, then it will certainly be a good sales page. If a sales page does absolutely nothing for you and you’ve got no desire for the product whatsoever after reading it, then it may not be a very good converting sales page.

Commission Payout and Product Price

When selecting a product to promote you need to look at the price of the product and how much of that you will receive in commission. If a product pays out just a small commission then it may not be really worth promoting. You don’t want to put in a large amount of effort for minimal return and diminish your chances for promoting Clickbank products successfully.

More expensive products likely pay out a higher commission and so are often just as simple to sell as less costly products. In cases where an item carries a good gravity score then it may be really worth trying to promote it. It ‘s better to market a more expensive priced product that pays out nicely than marketing a lesser priced product that will pay out lower than $20 per sale.

Repeat Commissions

An additional component that makes a product good to promote is when it’s got an opportunity for repeat commissions. This might occur with a product that has a member’s program site in which a customer pays a monthly membership fee and you will earn a commission each month on that membership fee. It does not take any extra effort to promote a membership product than it does to promote a single time payment product so you might as well choose one which pays you commission on a monthly basis.


As I started out by saying, promoting Clickbank products successfully is not simply a matter of blindly picking products. While searching for the right Clickbank affiliate product to market, take into account a gravity between 20 and 50, not too much competition but nonetheless a little, higher commission payout, a great sales copy of course, if possible a repeat monthly commission. If you can obtain a product that matches this criteria then you will have a great product to promote and earn affiliate commissions.

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