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Social Media Archives

Social Media Overview

Let’s do a quick social media overview.

Do you understand what social media is? Do you know the difference between social networking and social media?

Social networking is when you interact or engage other people. Social media is the way you transfer the information.

Therefore interacting with someone via Facebook is a form of social media and social networking. Blogging is a form of social networking, and the blogging platform you use is a social media itself.

The most common form of social media for blogging today is WordPress. YouTube is another popular form of social media.

Some Internet marketers prefer not to do social networking. However, they are very big on building a business via social media.

You can actually pay for ads on Facebook and use their social media platform without interacting with people directly.

The key to benefiting from social media is to use it in as many ways as possible based on the budget you are working with.


Social Media With Article Marketing

Social media is a catch phrase that encompasses many ways of promoting in a social way. The most common include social networking, blogging, video marketing, and social bookmarking.

Let’s talk about how you you can incorporate article marketing into social media.

1. Article videos. Use an article converter to turn an article into a video. Article Video Robot offers such a service. It’s very easy to paste an article in and let AVR turn that into a video for you.

When the video is complete they even offer a service where you can submit your new video to video sites. This includes the most popular sites such as You Tube, Viddler, and Yahoo.

Search engines love videos and your business can benefit from these when you include your website URL in the screenshot throughout the video. You can also create a profile about yourself, and target keyword phrases in that.

2. Blogging. Take longer articles that you would submit article directories and break those in the shorter articles to add to your blog.

Then use a social bookmarking tool such as Only Wire to bookmark your blog posts to online social directories. Only Wire is good because they reach the top social directories such as Digg and Technorati.

These are just a couple of examples of how you can combine social media and article marketing. If you do not like to write you can hire a freelance writer for a reasonable fee online to do it for you.


Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

No matter who you speak to about online marketing, they will mention the significance of using Social Media to grow your business. Sadly, social media has grew and broadened considerably faster than anybody could keep up with. Nearly all of the time, you could potentially end bouncing from one network to another with out actually experiencing any actual, concrete results for your home based business. Luckily, there are a few simple solutions which you can use in order to get the ideal effects with minimal energy. Here are several ideas to help you take full advantage of your social media exposure.
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