article marketing blog An article marketing blog that will bring you great amounts of success is easy to make. An article marketing blog is easy to put together but what will make it successful is getting unique content to put on it. Getting content for your blog isn’t enough, though. You have to get traffic for it. For an article marketing blog content is king but what gives that king his crown is the traffic that comes to read it. The key to success is to get the people to your article marketing blog and get them coming back.

Article writing blogs can get their content from many different sources. You could write all of your content yourself but you can have it written for you as well. That is where hiring a ghost writer can come in handy. There are other sources for content, though.

As far as finding things to write about, you can follow top news stories related to your particular industry or product or service. Also consider industry news sources and use social bookmarking services to find out what the hot topics are for the moment and just comment on them. Also consider looking at the hottest websites pertaining to your blog and find out what is drawing the most attention and check out what is generating the most traffic on search engines relating to your field. Follow trends and comment on what you find. Your article marketing blog will be riding a wave of popularity.

Many will make use of PLR articles in their article marketing blogs. You can find affordable articles usually as a group and can make even that stretch by breaking it up into different parts.

Another option that people use is RSS feeds. This is an easy way to get content to your article marketing blog because it is automatically updated with content.

If you choose to write your own content, you need to make sure that it uses keywords that will help get it picked up on search engines. This is why it is usually best to have some control over what is being posted rather than relying solely on automation. Articles are many times written just for the reader when they should just as much be written for the search engines.

Another thing that will help generate traffic and help those looking for information find you is to make use of the different article directories. Find those ones that the search engines love and use them. Make sure you read all the rules and that you create the ideal article for their standards. This will help give you links to your article marketing blog and will draw in those people who will keep coming back to your blog weekly or even daily.

An article marketing blog has many advantages. It is inexpensive to set up and can be inexpensive to maintain. The hardest part is finding the new content with the right keywords for your niche. But with a all the services on the Internet and with the help of a quality ghostwriter, even this can be overcome and is fairly inexpensive.

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