Is Article Marketing DeadIs Article Marketing Dead? It Might Be For You!

For many years one of the best forms of free website advertising has been article marketing. This focused mainly on writing and submitting articles to article directories. The goal was to develop search engine traffic through backlinks and website traffic from readers of the articles. But lately there has been the question raised,”Is Article Marketing Dead?”

Article Marketing still works, but it has gone through some important changes in the past year. As is the case with many things online Google has been behind these changes and is a big reason for the question,”Is Article Marketing Dead?”

In 2011 Google changed their search engine ranking algorithm to filter out websites of poor quality. Their main focus was to lower the rank of sites that focused mostly on advertising revenue and were built primarily with duplicate content. Duplicate content is content that is already online somewhere else before you add it to your site.

Affiliate marketing websites really suffered. Many of these were mini sites that contained mostly duplicate content and were filled with affiliate banners and links to affiliate sites that were all the same for every affiliate.

Affiliate marketers, and other Internet marketers who had developed websites with fresh content, were rewarded with higher rankings. This also set the model for all websites going forward. You must develop a site that contains unique content and rewards your website visitor with a quality experience.

This is where article marketing can be a big benefit to you if you do it correctly. There are a few things you need to keep in mind.

1. Add it to your site first. If you are going to use articles to develop website content post it on your own site before you submit it anywhere else.

2. Unique content. A better approach after you add the content to your site is to spin it and make it 100% unique before adding it anywhere else.

3. Blogging. Posting content to your own blog is an excellent way to develop a large website of unique content.

Professional Internet marketers take articles they have submitted to article directories and re-create them into shorter versions for blog posts. Most article directories are looking for articles of 400 to 500 words.

You can re-create those into shorter articles of 150 to 200 words and post them on your blog. Again the key is to make the shorter article unique so you’re not penalized by Google.

4. Article videos. Use an article converter such as Article Video Robot and develop article videos. One thing you can do is take the short version of your article and create a video of it in and then post the embed code on your blog.

Is Article Marketing Dead? Not if it’s done correctly. It can still be an excellent form of marketing online, but you must focus on creating unique content in multiple ways when doing it.

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