Affiliate Marketing NewbieAre you an affiliate marketing newbie? Whether new or experienced, here are some tips of the trade that you should follow.

First of all, the enticement of working from home in your pajamas with nothing but a computer is practically too much to bear. In fact,  more and more people are trying their hand at affiliate marketing precisely for this reason. But in order to be triumphant in  your labors, you do need to spend time and at least a little bit of money. It is hard work, so be ready.

If you are an affiliate marketing newbie, start off out promoting something that you are familiar with and, even better,  something that interests you. As you get more knowledgeable, this aspect will not be quite so important — you will be able to  promote things that you know nothing about or care nothing about and still be successful — but in the beginning, it helps to start with something that you will be committed to as you go through your learning curve. Keep in mind that taking this route  may not end up as the top converting method or gain you the maximum commissions, but it will be easier for you to build a  website and to stick with what you are working on.

When you do get your site up and running (and, by the way, a WordPress blog is a very quick and way to establish a reputable website), promote more than just one product in the same niche. This too gives your visitors a choice and enables you to track which products are selling more or less.

Always keep in mind the tried and true saying: content is king. “Contents sites” are the ones that offer educational,  instructional and topical content about whatever it is they are advertising. And the best of these kinds of sites actually make  the promoted product or service seem like an afterthought. This is another reason that it is easier if you are new to affiliate marketing to start with something you are familiar with and/or interested in. While content is important, your main goal is to drive visitors to the sales of your affiliate products, so make it as easy as possible for them to get there.

Do not give up. As an affiliate marketing newbie, remember that there is a lot of work in the beginning. It is also vital to keep up with rules and regulations that change in the field of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing revenue can end up being passive (meaning you don’t have to do anything to earn it), but it takes a while to get to  this point. Most people will take months even to make enough money to cover costs. Keeping these tips in mind when you are an affiliate marketing newbie will help you in achieving a profitable status.

One last tip. As an affiliate marketing newbie, don’t try to go it alone. Find a coach or mentor to help you on the way. If you are looking for one, may I suggest the Affiliate Power Group ? The Affiliate Power Group (APG for short) is an online coaching group aimed at both newbies who want to start making money online and more experienced website owners who need help getting more traffic and sales. They have certainly been a tremendous help to me in my affiliate marketing efforts.


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