Affiliate SalesWhen it comes to marketing affiliate products, you will find a wide range of strategies that can be used for increasing affiliate sales and the best part is all of them work to one degree or another. While the actual tactics can vary to a great extent, all of them succeed for the same reason. They combine the 3 keys to maximizing affiliate sales. In order to be successful, you should find a mixture of intent or need of your reader, the product you’re promoting to them, and the way that you promote it. If all three of these elements are lined up, then you will get the best conversion rate and many more sales. Here’s a closer look at all 3 keys and what they mean to your affiliate sales campaign.

The first is reader intent. This is where a lot of affiliate marketers falter. They create great content and do everything right when it comes to promoting the product, but they overlook what their readers expect. That is especially true whenever you do affiliate marketing through a blog. The problem is that there’s no way to guess the intent of your readers. You can assume that they have at least a passing interest in your topic area because they are at your website, but that doesn’t mean that you understand exactly what they want. One of the best ways to find out why people are at your website is to check out the blog comments or related comments on the most popular social networks. This provides you with a good idea about what your readers are looking for.

The next thing you should do to increase affiliate sales is to be sure that the product that you are promoting is aligned with what the readers are looking for. For instance, if you are have a website that is focused on weight loss, then promoting an affiliate program for a website hosting company will definitely miss the mark. At minimum you know that your readers are interested in exercise and weight loss supplements. With that in mind, it will be considerably more effective to promote affiliate products associated with those issues.

Now that you have a better understanding of your readers intent and have chosen an affiliate offer that meets their interests, it is time to concentrate on your message. For example, if all you do is throw up a banner in your sidebar, then most readers will simply ignore it. This is because you have not tied the product into their needs. There are exceptions to this rule however. A well designed banner will actually do the tie-in for you. Unfortunately, high quality banners are few and far between in most niches. A much better strategy would be to create a page or blog post about the product and the way it would benefit anyone looking to increase their muscle mass or are looking for a new supplement.

If you are missing any one of these 3 key elements, then your conversion rate will suffer. However, if you are able to combine the intent of the reader, your affiliate promotion, a compelling message to get their attention, then your affiliate sales will skyrocket.

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