Online Marketing ResourcesGenerally there are many paid online marketing resources which are regarded as “the norm”, but that doesn’t suggest they are suitable for your business. It makes no difference if your business is totally online or if you’re operating a home based business and seeking to establish an online presence; in either case, you should ensure that you are coming up with online marketing resources that you own instead of rent.

A good example of renting assets would be programs like Google Adwords. You generate an advertisement, but it will only be shown whenever you pay for it. The actual ad space is rented. Although this is often successful, in the end, the ROI is frequently lower than if you developed assets which you really own. Here is a quick look at five online marketing resources which every business should own.

It’s obvious that you ought to own the content that you use. It does not matter if it’s a basic article or complicated marketing campaign, you should ensure that the rights to all things are your own. Even most importantly, you should try and own what ever websites you place the information on. Things like article marketing and guest posting is extremely effective, but that doesn’t mean all of your content ought to be put there. You should also have a minumum of one website which you own completely, which means your own domain and hosting. This will assure that no matter what, there’ll be at least one place that you have complete control over.

With regards to link building to your website or social networking profiles, there’s two basic alternatives. The first is by using a service that rents out links. These are generally used to get your website launched and established or to present you with that extra push within the rankings. While these kinds of links are helpful, you also must make sure that you own as many links in your portfolio as you can.

3.Facebook Fans
One of the more important online marketing resources you need to build will be your Facebook Fans. There are lots of services available which will refer their fans to your web page or website for a fee. The fact that these services are successful proves that being an asset, these fans are valuable. You must make sure that together with these types of services, you’re also creating a fan base of your own. This won’t just enable you to gain visibility on Facebook, but also in other places online. As an additional benefit, you have a free outlet to release campaigns and market recent successes.

4.Twitter Followers
Twitter followers are valuable in the same manner Facebook fans are. They provide you with an outlet that permits you to leverage others to advertise your product or service and talk up your products and services. It remains debatable whether Facebook or Twitter is the better location to focus, but fortunately you don’t need to. You can
connect both of these resources with each other to get maximum visibility.

One of the final online marketing resources you’ll want to own is space. In an ideal scenario, you can wind up creating hundreds of websites which you own directly. This means your own personal domain and hosting, not a WordPress hosted blog or Blogger blog. In the start this probably isn’t a high concern, and it should not be. However, when building a longer term strategy, building your own personal space ought to be a principle that’s integrated throughout your plans.

Another excellent resource to have when marketing your business is a mentor or coach who can help point you in the right direction and give you the help you need. If you need such help, take a look at the Affiliate Power Group. This is a group of folks who are dedicated to your success and you can give them a try for only a $1.00.

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