Ezine Advertising is one of the most effective ways of Web Site Promotion and building your online prospects. Ezines are online electronic newsletters, delivered by email. The nice thing about them is that you can send an ad to a very targeted audience. People subscribe to an ezine because they are interested in subject matter the ezine contains. So you are not sending your ad out to people who have no interest in what you have to offer.

You can find ezines to run your ad in at several places, including:

Once you find an ezine you want to advertise in, the first thing to do is to send the owner of the ezine a letter. I would not recommend paying for an ad until you make contact with the owner of the ezine.This enables you find out a few things.

  • First off, if you don’t get a response from the letter, you know that this is not a good place to advertise.
  • How many mailings do they send out a week? If they sent out solo ads several times a week, the ad most likely won’t get read.
  • How many new subscribers does the Ezine get in a month? Look for an ezine that is steadily growing.
  • Have similar ads to mine for my same business run in the recent past? If an ad similar to yours has been run in the last month to 6 weeks, you probably want to wait.
  • Does the Ezine owner have a list of references? Satisfied customers can tell you what their response rate has been.
  • Is there a newsletter archive that you can take a look at? You want to see how your ad will look.

Another important thing to do is to track your ads. You want to keep up with how many clicks you get from each ezine.  Keeping up with the number of clicks you get let’s you know how effective your ad is as well as how well the ezine performs. If you get only a few “clicks” but several sales or sign-ups from them, you know that is a place to run your another ad again in the future.. If you get hundreds of “clicks” and no sales or sign-ups from them, that is a ezine to stay away from in the future.

Ezines are the quick and easy way to drive tons of TARGETED TRAFFIC to ANY website. But like any form of advertising, there are no guarantees. It is extremely important that you do a little experimenting with your ezine advertising. All in all, this is an excellent way to promote your business.

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