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by Bobette Kyle

With the continued proliferation of the Internet, the
meaning of the word "marketing" also proliferates. There
seem to be as many definitions of marketing as there are

Many see marketing as a series of tactics or gimmicks. Some
push pyramid programs [multi-level marketing (MLM) or
network marketing] as the way to successful marketing.

Others may say the Web has made traditional marketing
obsolete. I say the Internet has expanded our capabilities,
created new ways of doing business, and radically changed
business dynamics. It has not, however, changed the
foundation of marketing.

Basic, traditional marketing is as relevant as ever. The
Four P's - product, price, place (distribution), and
promotion - whether you tack on added P's and C's or not,
are still very much alive. Strategic thinking, segmenting,
and targeting can still earn you a competitive advantage.

Marketing still means determining what our customers need
and want, planning how we are going to meet those needs and
wants, and then implementing our plan.

We still have products, services, and ideas to sell at some
price. We still deliver to our customers via some means of
distribution. We still promote and we still advertise. Those
are the basics. Those basics still exist and always will.

What *has* changed is the business environment. Companies
compete with more efficient technologies. Customers have
better access to their cost options and they communicate to
each other in a not even conceivable in the pre-Internet

In some industries, the Internet has lowered the cost of
entry so that entrepreneurs - many times from a home office
- have entered the competition. The changes in competitive
environment are numerous. What have also changed are
marketing strategies and the marketing programs we have
available to implement those strategies.

These have changed, but basic marketing has not. Superior
marketing is and always has been analysis, then action. It
is strategy development, then logical and thought-out
tactical implementation. It is the way to customer
satisfaction and increasing profit. It is the process of:

1) Analyzing your customers and the business environment in
order to

2) identify key opportunities to better and more profitably
meet customer needs,

3) figuring out how to act on those opportunities, and then

4) implementing your plan.

The process doesn't have to be cumbersome. Five-year plans
and novel-length documents are not required. The logic of
the action is what's important.

By applying the basic marketing process both online and
offline, your chances of success skyrocket.

About the Author

Bobette Kyle draws upon 10+ years of Marketing/Executive
experience, Marketing MBA, and online marketing research in
her writing.

Bobette offers a range of marketing plan tools to fit your
business and budget. Find out more at
https://www.HowMuchForSpider.com or visit the Web Site
Marketing Plan Network:https://WebSiteMarketingPlan.com

Copyright 2004 Bobette Kyle. All rights reserved.

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