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By Bill Schnarr

Affiliate Marketing Training - Hello!....To SIX Vacations a Year

Have James Martell help you start your work from homebased business.

So you've decided to make the jump to being a fulltime affiliate marketing expert. Congratulations! Welcome to a new dot-com industry where the profits and rewards can go as high as you're willing to take them. You know it's important for you to receive the proper affiliate marketing training before you start your career, and maybe you've already signed on to a great program such as James Martell's downloadable home study course.

But what can you expect from your new life as a successful affiliate marketer?

James Martell has been a successful affiliate marketing expert for years. He recently decided to put his skills and experience on the cutting edge of this exciting new industry to work for you, by putting out his very own downloadable training course for prospective affiliate marketers.

Now it's easy to take a 6-12 month course from the comfort and privacy of your own home computer, and earn money while doing it.

In his own words, James recently described his experiences as a successful affiliate marketer. "Without question, the best thing is my ability to set my own schedule," says Martell. "I literally get up when I want to, I work on the business when I want to, I go for lunch when I am hungry, I take many breaks throughout the week, I drive my dream car when I feel like it, which is a lot, and I take at least one good break, something I call a "breakcation" at least every 4-6 weeks."

But in addition to the freedom and laid back atmosphere his new life has taken, Martell loves to travel more than anything else. Surprisingly, affiliate marketing has also facilitated his love of the open road as well.

By mixing business and pleasure, Martell has found a way to have the best of both worlds. But it wasn"t always like that. In fact, Martell confessed that the very meaning of the word vacation has changed for him over the years.

"Prior to enjoying the success I have had with affiliate marketing and publishing specialty shopping sites, my idea of a vacation was a camping trip or a road trip to my parents house for a weekend," Martell says. "Now, I think nothing of heading to the airport for an extended weekend in Las Vegas, or taking my wife to Maui for 10 days which I have down twice in the last couple years."

"Recently, I just returned from an 18 day adventure with my wife and four kids, Adam (18), Justin (16), Shelby (14) and Victoria (9) to Disneyworld Florida and then on to a 10 day Caribbean Cruise with stops in many exotic ports of call."

Making his trips even more impressive is the fact that Martell doesn't even have to stop working when he's away from home.

He can access his online business ventures from anywhere in the world, providing he has an Internet access (which he did on his Caribbean cruise). That means no unforeseen disasters when he returns from a long trip, and definitely no problems with work building up while he's gone.

"The great thing about this type of business is all I need is a computer with an Internet connection," says Martell. "So I can check my email and sales reports. I can find Internet cafes on cruise ships and in all the exotic places I have traveled."

These "Exotic places" Martell is referring to include a recent trip the Caribbean, and another to the Affiliate Force marketing conference in the Bahamas, and several cruises, including a New York to Halifax cruise for the Affiliate Summit 2004.

But where else has the mixing of work and pleasure taken this self professed man of the road? "Two trips to Maui, both spectacular," says Martell. "Many trips to Las Vegas. Three trips to Santa Barbara, one during a three week road trip with the wife and kids, with stops in Seattle, the rugged Oregon Coast, San Francisco to see the sites and ride the cables cars, to Disneyland to visit with the mouse for a week, MGM Studios, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and all points in between."

Hard to believe that affiliate marketing training and some hard work has paid off so well for James Martell. He is a living example of exactly why you need the proper training yourself before you get started on your with affiliate marketing.

With all this talk of travel and success and earning potentials that are through the roof, it may be interesting to hear why the real reason James Martell loves his job so much.

"Freedom," says Martell. "The money's great, but no matter how much you make, affiliate marketing still provides challenges. What really fires me up is the freedom that this type of business provides. The freedom to carve my own path, the freedom to make as much as you can, the freedom of working on a business you love. Freedom."

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About the Author:
Bill Schnarr is a successful freelance writer and a seasoned work at home professional providing valuable insight and advice to those looking for credible affiliate marketing training. His numerous articles offer real-life tips and techniques for getting the most out of a homebased business.

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